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In today’s competitive business landscape, building a strong and cohesive team is essential for success. One effective way to achieve this is by using branded t-shirts to solidify your team’s identity. Branded t-shirts come with a multitude of benefits that go beyond just creating a uniform look. In this article, we will explore the advantages of using branded t-shirts for teams and how they help foster unity, boost morale, and extend your reach. We will also discuss important considerations when selecting team t-shirts and the best designs to create a lasting impact.

What are the benefits to using branded t-shirts for teams?

  1. Unity and Togetherness: When a team dresses in the same colours and brand, it creates a sense of unity. It fosters a feeling of togetherness and promotes teamwork. Branded t-shirts have the power to make every member of your team feel like a part of a bigger picture, contributing to the team’s overall success.
  1. Improve Brand Recall: Branded t-shirts serve as a walking advertisement for your company. By incorporating your logo, team name, or brand colors on the t-shirts, you increase brand visibility and improve brand recall among potential customers or clients.
  1. Send a Message: Branded t-shirts allow your team to convey a message without saying a word. By wearing a t-shirt with a slogan or motto that represents your company’s values and vision, you create a powerful statement about your team’s identity and purpose.
  1. A Powerful Stepping Stone: Branded t-shirts can act as a powerful stepping stone towards building a strong corporate culture. When team members proudly wear the company’s logo or name, it instills a sense of pride, commitment, and loyalty. This can have a positive impact on employee retention and motivation.
  1. Turn Employees into Ambassadors: Branded t-shirts transform your team members into brand ambassadors. By wearing t-shirts outside of work, they become walking billboards, spreading awareness and generating interest in your company. This can lead to new opportunities and potential customers.
  1. Boost Team Morale: Wearing matching branded t-shirts creates a sense of belonging and pride within the team. It fosters a positive work environment and boosts team morale. When team members feel connected and valued, it enhances productivity and collaboration.

What should you consider when selecting team t-shirts?

Choosing the right team t-shirts is crucial to ensure a cohesive and professional look. Here are some important considerations:

  • Choose a Shirt That Flatters Every Figure: Select a t-shirt style that suits different body types within your team. Consider factors such as neckline, sleeve length, and fit to ensure everyone feels comfortable and confident.
  • Choose a Legible Font: When incorporating text on the t-shirt, choose a font that is easily legible from a distance. Avoid overly decorative fonts that may be difficult to read, especially in smaller sizes.
  • Choose Your Colours Wisely: Select colours that are consistent with your brand’s visual identity. Consider the psychological impact of different colours and choose ones that align with your team’s values and message. It is also important to consider how the colours will appear in different lighting conditions.
  • Find a Reliable Place to Buy the Shirts: Research and find a reputable supplier that offers quality t-shirts at an affordable price like Action Athletic Wear. Consider factors such as material, durability, and printing options to ensure your team’s t-shirts will last and maintain their appearance over time.

What should be included in the design and what should be avoided?

To create an impactful design for your team t-shirts, consider the following inclusions:

  1. Include team name or logo: Ensure that your team’s name or logo is prominently displayed on the t-shirt. This helps create a strong association between your team and your organization.
  2. Incorporate brand colour: Use your brand’s colour palette to create a cohesive design. This helps reinforce brand recognition and identity.
  1. Include a slogan or motto: Consider incorporating a short and impactful slogan or motto that represents your team’s values or mission. This can help convey a powerful message about your team’s identity.

When designing team t-shirts, it is important to avoid the following:

  1. Complex designs: Avoid overcrowding the t-shirt with intricate designs or patterns. This can make the design confusing and less impactful.
  2. Small fonts or details: Choose font sizes and details that are easily readable from a distance. Small fonts or intricate details may not be visible when the t-shirt is worn or photographed.
  1. Too many colours: Limit the number of colours used in the design to maintain a clean and professional look. Too many colours can distract from the main message and make the design appear busy.
  2. Over-branding: Avoid overloading the t-shirt with excessive branding elements. Strive for a balanced design that effectively represents your team without overwhelming the viewer.

What other ways can teams use branded t-shirts to express their unified identity?

Branded t-shirts offer various opportunities for teams to express their unified identity beyond the workplace. Here are some additional ways to utilize branded t-shirts:

  1. Team photo ops: Coordinate team photo shoots where everyone wears their branded t-shirts. This creates a strong visual representation of your team’s unity, which can be used for marketing materials or social media posts.
  1. Team building: Whether you’re a tech startup or an arborist team, during team building activities, wearing branded t-shirts can foster a sense of camaraderie and team spirit. It helps strengthen bonds among team members and enhances the overall experience.
  1. Company outings and events: Branded t-shirts can be worn during company outings or events to create a unified and professional look. This helps promote a positive image of your team and company to external stakeholders.
  1. Community engagements: When participating in community engagements or volunteer activities, wearing branded t-shirts helps identify your team as a cohesive unit. It showcases your team’s commitment to making a positive impact and fosters a sense of pride among team members.


In conclusion, branded t-shirts are a powerful tool for solidifying your team’s identity. They promote unity, boost team morale, and extend your reach. By carefully selecting team t-shirts, creating impactful designs, and leveraging other opportunities to showcase your team’s identity, you can create a strong brand presence that sets your team apart. Don’t underestimate the influence of branded t-shirts in creating a cohesive and successful team. Invest in this simple yet effective branding strategy and reap the benefits it offers.

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