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Choosing the Right Promotional Items for Your Business - Action Athletic Wear
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Custom promotional items like custom t-shirts, custom mugs, and other items are a great way to promote your brand. It helps you put your best face forwards, and your audience perceives you as a generous & consumer-focused brand. However, choosing the right promotional items is always a tough decision. Let’s look into some popular and highly effective options. 

Knowing What Works

It’s always a tricky decision to decide on the right promotional items for your business. Make sure they’re within your marketing budget yet functional. Because if they offer no value to your consumers, then it is a waste of budget. 

Mugs and Cups

Mugs and cups are a functional promo item. However, making it your consumers’ favourite mug should be the ultimate goal. You need to be creative with what’s printed on the mug. Custom mugs are a great promotional item, but only if your consumer finds something
attractive about it.

Generic promo mugs like your business logo don’t always make it appealing to consumers. However, an inspirational quote can help your mug become the first & everyday choice of your consumers. You can put a little logo of your business on one side. This way, you’ll have a promo item that’s functional, inspiring, and fulfill your marketing objectives. 

Custom t-shirts

Generally, clothing should be avoided. However, custom t-shirts are a great way to spend your marketing budget. If you’re looking for a highly functional promo item, go with custom t-shirts. Again, make sure that the shirt doesn’t feature a big logo of your brand. Unless you are a clothing brand, people won’t prefer wearing it. 

Make sure that your custom t-shirts feature a minimal design and a marketing slogan appealing and acceptable to your audience. 


On a hot day, everyone likes to wear a cap. Don’t go with the generic designs. Make sure that your promotional caps have trendy designs and look attractive. 

Pens and Writing Utensils

Pens and writing utensils are very common. However, you should go with a custom pen with a well-thought idea behind it. Say for example Vancouver handyman services, you could add a flashlight to your pen or give it a stylish look so that everyone loves keeping it in the pocket and sets you apart from other businesses.

Water Bottles

The water bottle is a relatively new addition to promo items. It’s a highly functional item. If you seek something off the shelf idea, add a hook to the bottle and a straw. You can add a logo to the bottle as well. Write an inspirational quote and give it an appealing look so that
people like to carry it. 

Other Promotional Items

  • iPad/tablet cover: Have a variety of covers for tablets and iPad. Add a logo as well. 
  • Charging kit: It is a relatively expensive idea, however, highly functional. 
  • Sports items: There would be many sports lovers among your audience. Sports items like baseball caps, basketball kits, and golf equipment are great choices.

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